Ebook Mike Adams Spirulina plus Chlorella

Spirulina and Chlorella for optiumum health

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Table of Contents :
The Most Exciting Nutritional Discovery on Planet Earth Page 6
Why I’m So Inspired to Write About Spirulina and Chlorella Page 7
Where Do Chlorella & Spiruline Come From? Page 8
Are Chlorella & Spirulina the Answers to Global Malnutrition? Page 10
The Astounding Health Benefits of Chlorella & Spiruline Page 11
The Treasure Inside: Chlorella plus Spirulina Page 13
The Vitamin & Mineral Content of Chlorella & Spiruline Page 14
The Essential Fatty Acids Found in Chlorella & Spirulina Page 16
The Astounding Chlorophyll Content of Chlorella & Spiruline Page 17
Spirulina plus Chlorella Page 18
Spiruline & Chlorella for People on Any Low-Carb Diet Page 19
Chlorella or Spirulina for Weight Loss & Dieting Page 20
Spirulina and Chlorella for Vitality & Intestinal Health Page 21
Chlorella & Spiruline for Nervous System Disorders Page 22
Spirulina and Chlorella for Appetite Suppression & Reducing Cravings Page 23
Chlorella & Spiruline for Enhancing Brain Function Page 24
Spirulina or Chlorella for Proper pH Balance Page 25
Chlorella & Spirulina for Preventing & Reversing Cancer Page 26
More Studies Showing How Chlorella Prevents & Reverses Cancer Page 27
Yet More Clinical Evidence That Chlorella Fights Cancer Page 28
How Chlorella & Spirulina Boost Immune System Function Page 30
The Magic of Polysaccharides Found in the Cell Wall of Chlorella Page 32
Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) Page 32
Chlorella and Spiruline for Cardiovascular Health & Heart Disease Page 34
Spirulina or Chlorella for Heavy Metals Detoxification Page 34
Spiruline et Chlorelle for Hypoglycemia & Diabetes Page 35
Spirulina en Chlorella for Cleansing & Detoxification Page 36
Why Chlorella & Spiruline are Better Than Bulk Vitamins & Minerals Page 37

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